DLS 22 Ads not appearing problem solved

DLS 22 ads not appearing problem solved in this article. So hello everyone and welcome to another article of DLS 22. In this article, I am going to explain how to watch ads over and over again in your latest DLS 22 game.

There are lots of methods to watch ads and I have tried them all but none of them worked till now. Then I have come out with an interesting trick that can help you for sure. With this trick, you will be able to watch ads for unlimited time in your DLS 22 game.

In DLS 22 game the major thing we need is coins. Because without coins you can not upgrade the stadium of your game and also can not buy a good player. But getting coins in DLS 22 is harder than in the previous versions of this game.

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Sometimes when you play a carrier match and you find a good player that you want to buy but you don’t have enough coins to buy that player you need to play lots of live matches or exhibition matches. That’s really tough. So all the people start watching ads because every ad gives you 30 coins. That’s an easy method to get coins. But in the last version of DLS ads don’t appear a lot. That’s why I have come up with this latest trick which will help you to watch ads for unlimited time so that you could get unlimited coins in your DLS 22 game.

1. First of all download the VPN by clicking on the download button.

2. Install the VPN on your device.
3. Now connect to the VPN app. ( This VPN is really easy to use)
4. Now open your DLS 22 game.
5. Go to EXHIBITION and click on TEAM MANAGEMENT and wait for 3 seconds.
6. Now come back to the home page and click on CAREER.
7. You will see that the ad appeared. 
Now after watching the ad collect the coins and clear the game from history and open it again. Do the same as before and another ad will appear. Now you can watch the ads over and over again. Try this trick and thank me later. And for more about DLS 22 game check out the other articles on this website.

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