DLS 23 Official Release Date Announced

DLS 23 official release date is 07 December 2022. This is official news. DLS 23 will be available on the Playstore and app store simultaneously.

First Touch Games – The Dream League Soccer Developer Team has yet to announce a release date for Dream League Soccer 2023 | DLS 23.

DLS 23 Official Release Date Announced

Dream league soccer all new features that are leaked

Robert Lewandowsky, Diego Costa, Willian, and many more new players will be added in DLS 23.
Bundesliga, American MLS, and many more club licenses will be added in DLS 23.
Sell Player: Selling Player now earns you coins. When selling a Player, you will also have the option of selecting a currency or coach.
Friendly Match: Friendly matches will be smoother and lag-free. You can now play social games with zero percent interruption.
Commentary has been updated: Tired of hearing the same old commentary? Dream League Soccer 2023 will feature a new set of commentary in various languages.

Updated Player Rating: DLS 23 will adjust the player rating based on real-time performance and Fifa Pro Rating.
DLS 23 will bring some graphics updates, including real-time matching Player faces. It will also include a new haircut and a new Beard design.
New Game Mood: For the first time, FTG will include an exciting game mood in DLS 23. DLS 23 will also include international matches, UCL matches, and World Cup Mood.
DLS 23 will feature several exciting online events.
New SoundTrack: DLS 23 will, as usual, include some brand-new soundtracks.
UI & GRAPHICS UPDATE: DLS 23 will feature a modern UI.

Check out the new Real Madrid kits for DLS 23 here.

What is the DLS 23 official release date?

December 07 is the official release date of DLS 23 | Dream League Soccer 2023.

Can DLS 23 be hacked?

No, this is not possible to hack DLS 23. DLS 23 is an online game, so it is impossible to hack DLS 23. There are many fake hacking methods available on many platforms, and you should not try that method because trying that method will gain you nothing but suspend your account.

Is DLS better than PES?

There are some differences between DLS and PES. The critical aspects are game size, customization, licensing, and gameplay. PES is the way to go if you want better gameplay and customization. DLS has fewer licenses than PES. DLS requires less storage and is simple to use. If you only have a few minutes to play and don’t care about graphics, DLS is the way to go.

Can DLS 23 be hacked?

No, This is not possible to hack DLS 23.

Will DLS 23 be offline?

DLS 23 can be played offline and online, just like DLS 22.

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