FIFA Soccer 22 mobile game full review

FIFA Soccer mobile game was recently released. This is the latest version of FIFA. A couple of months ago we got the early version of FIFA which was called FIFA beta. FIFA Beta went live in the selected regions of India, Canada and, Romania. But the main version you can play worldwide. It is about 80 MB in size on the Play store and then a couple of in-game upgrades so overall it is about 300 MB. 

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When you enter the game for the very first time you need to accept the user agreement and EA’s privacy and cookie policy and put your age and confirm. After that, you need to link your game to Facebook or Play games or you could just play as a guest. Then a couple of resources will be automatically downloaded. 

After that, Mbappe will assist you with some training as you are playing for the first time. First of all shooting practice. You need to shoot to the goal bar and make goal 3 times. After passing this stage you will be redirected to the next stage called passing. You need to pass the ball to another player 3 times to pass this stage. after this stage your team will be unlocked. Mbappe will guide you on how to manage your lineup. The next stage is dribbling drills. And as always you need to dribble 3 times to pass this stage. And you will reach level 2. Here comes the last course the defending drills. In this stage, you need to learn how to defend the opponent from making goals 3 times. After that gameplay resources will download. Now you need to choose a name and you cannot change it after it’s decided. 

Now you need to collect some daily login rewards. That’s it, Now you can select a team and continue your journey of FIFA soccer 22.

The new features are not quite new. A new fresh homepage. Some new moves were also added to the game. The gameplay seems smoother than the older versions of FIFA. If we talk about the graphics then it’s good. At least better from the older versions. If we compare this to the DLS 22 well you could not choose one of them to be the best.

So I recommend you to play this game and thank me later. See you in the next review till then take care goodbye. 


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