Full review of Warpath, a real-time strategy game

Hey what is up guys, it is me back with another review. Today I’m gonna be reviewing this new game called warpath. In case you’re wondering this is a game that I’ve been playing for over three months now. So I think I know enough about this game to make a review about it by the way this is not a sponsored review I just really like playing this game so I thought I’d post an article about it on this site and in case you guys think that it might be something that you’re interested in you can give it a try So that being said let’s get started Warpath is a game just like mafia city since most of you guys are very familiar with mafia city.& I’ll compare the two games to give you an idea of what to expect. Just as in Mafia City, you have a lot of structures to choose from. In this game that can be upgraded. There are only 9 buildings in total and each of these buildings can be upgraded all the way up to level 32. Now here’s the first key difference between mafia city and this game in mafia city, once you have enough resources for building upgrade you can start the upgrade immediately. But you need to wait a certain time for the building to level

However in Warpath once you have all the resources to upgrade a building it levels up immediately and you only need to spend time making all the required building materials before you start the upgrade every time you upgrade a building. In this game, you gain some commander experience and once you have enough experience you level up your commander level is what decides the maximum level. For example, if your commander level is level 30 then you’ll only be able to upgrade your buildings to level 30. Until you level your commander higher. This game does not force you to upgrade your command center to level up your buildings higher. The second major difference is the way you get zeroed in this game in mafia city if you even get hit once by a big player you could lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops with a single hit.

However, you can only have a maximum of 120 active units at a time in this game. As a result, you can only lose 120 troops at a time. Which can usually be built back up in a couple of minutes if you have enough reserves reserve strategy game troops basically allow you to train new troops immediately after your troops die in battle. Once all of the reserve troops are depleted you’ll need to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes to get one reserved troop. However, if you have a good recovery speed this can usually go down to less than 10 minutes or even 5 minutes means that even if you get fully zeroed it’ll usually take less than a day for you to get back the 120 reserves to train back all of your troops. Another key difference is that you cannot shield in this game. This means that players can attack you at any time and in the same way, you can attack them as well whenever you want. However, if your troops are garrisoned inside your base they’ll attack the enemies that try to attack you and the enemies will have to destroy your base first if they want to kill them. Usually, if you’re in a strong clan it’ll be very rare for you to get attacked. You’ll probably not even get attacked for weeks however if you’re in a weak clan then attacks might be more frequent.

So I’d suggest joining a powerful clan. There is also a limit to how many times you can teleport or airlift to a new area. You can only utilize 5 airlifts at a time, and it takes 8 hours to reclaim an airlift attempt after using one. This means that you have to be smart with how you teleport around the map otherwise you might get stuck at one location for eight hours. That is all for today’s review. Hope you have learned something new. If you did please keep an eye on our site for more interesting game reviews. See you in the next one till then take care and goodbye.

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