How to enable 4G(LTE) only in Huawei devices EMUI 9 and up

How to enable 4G only in Huawei devices is today’s topic. Today I’m going to teach you how to enable 4G LTE only in Huawei devices.

To do so you need a Huawei device EMUI 9 or up otherwise this trick won’t work on your device. This is really important for all mobile device users and especially for those people who live in an area where a mobile network(4G) is rare to find.

There are so many android apps available but none of them works on Huawei devices. Those apps just work on other mobile brands such as Samsung, Redmi. But for Huawei devices, there are no such apps available to enable 4G only.

I am going to tell you the trick to enable 4G only in your device but before that, I have to warn you about some topics given below.

If you enable 4G only in your Huawei device no call will come to your phone and you can’t even call anyone.

Whenever you need to make a call you have to change the settings to 3G-4G auto mode.

Now let’s talk about how to make 4G only in your device.

  • First, you need to download an app called settings database editor from here. 
  • Open the app and find hw_networkmode_preference.
  • Click on the edit value.
  • change the value to 11. (remember the old value) so that whenever you want to change back to normal just edit your value to the previous one.
  • Now restart your device.

That’s all.

Thank you so much for reading. If you are having trouble at any stage comment below. or follow me on Instagram. I am always there to help you.

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