How to Get Money/Coins and Diamonds/Gems in DLS 22 | Get Money and Diamonds Fastly In Dream League Soccer 2022

Hi Guys, In this Post, I am Gonna Tell you How to Get More Money And Diamonds in DLS 22. We All Know We Can’t Hack Dream League Soccer 2022. But Also I gonna tell You Tips to Get Money and Diamonds Fastly In Dream League Soccer 2022.

Let’s Go to Tips for getting Money Faster and Easily 

Main Tip 1

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Tip 1


Play Career Match. And Dont Coincide Any Goals from the Opponent. If Your opponent Scores Goal, You will Lose Clean Sheet Money. In divisions, 2, 3, 4 and you can Get Clean sheets up to only 4 to 8. When You Reach Legendary Division or International Cup You will get More Money Fastly by Making Cleansheet.

Tip 2

Season Pass

You, Will, Get Coins From Season Pass. Season Pass Has 2 Type Missions. One is Free another one is Paid. You Can Get Less Money or Coins from Free Season Pass, and fewer Features From Free Season Pass. When You Use Paid Season pass You will get Exiting Rewards From it. Season Pass Is The Best Feature From Dream League Soccer 2022 ( DLS 22).

Main Tip 2 

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Tip 3

Stadium Upgrade

Make Your Stadium as Maximum as Possible. When Your Stadium is Maximum and When You Play a Match in Your Home Stadium You Can Get 52+  Coins For Free. Stadium Bonus is also a Good Way to Make Money Easily. 

Tips 4


Upgrade Commercial And you Will get Extra Bonus and Commercial Money. But need more Spend diamonds for it. But Also That is a good idea to get more money/coins on DLS 22

Main Tip 3

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Tip 5


U can Play an event match. Event Match is very Easy to get money or coins in Dream League Soccer 2022. The event is also an online play. To enter an Event Need less money and If you compete in the event you will get a lot of money easily.

I Hope You Will Try these All things. And I Hope it Will Helped You. I will Come up With Part 2 of it as Soon. And You Check Our YouTube Channel DLS4Ezy. Subscribe also Press the bell icon to Get all new videos. This is our Official website. On this Site, We are Telling you more tip tricks for games like Pes 21 Mobile, Fifa, and Other games.

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