LASER SIGHT Guide/Tutorial (PUBG MOBILE) Tips and Tricks

So have you ever wondered, what’s the purpose of the laser sight and what does it do to your weapon? Well, everyone says that using a laser sight will improve your hip-fire accuracy, which is kinda true but how much does it improve. So in this tutorial, we will be taking a look at the laser sight attachment, and try to figure out what exactly it does to your weapon so when you equip the laser sight into your gun, your crosshair gets slightly smaller, this is more noticeable when your running, you can test this out by yourself on training grounds. Add and remove laser sight, you will notice that your crosshair becomes smaller when you equip the laser sight. when you hip-fire, all your bullets will hit randomly inside your crosshair, and a smaller crosshair means tighter hip-fire spread which basically means smaller crosshair equals more accuracy. If you don’t know what is hip-fire it’s basically shooting without opening the scope like this so how much exactly does the laser sight improve your accuracy, well first let’s compare its hip-fire recoil, I’ll be shooting at a wall or 5 times to get an average spray pattern and now comparing side by side. the difference is not even noticeable, both look very similar and identical. So using a laser sight will not reduce any recoil even during fires, as it won’t change the recoil at all, whereas if you use a vertical grip, it significantly reduces the vertical recoil by a lot which is clearly noticeable. So the real question is why not just use the grips since they make more noticeable differences, well the laser sight offers something that is very hard to notice, but you can feel it. Whenever your use laser sight your fires will be more accurate, for example here focus on the crosshair, this is without a laser sight. And when you use a laser sight the crosshair becomes smaller, which indicates that you have better accuracy, which is a kinda gimmick but it just works like that. According to PUBG PC, the laser sight will improve the accuracy by 30% so it should be similar in Pubg mobile as well. So is the laser sight worth using? Well yes but actually no, because You’re giving up your grip attachment slot which could reduce the recoil by up to 20%. but however if your hip-fire sucks, then maybe using a laser sight might be a good choice as it will help you to connect those extra shots in close range that you may need to win that fight but you have to remember that laser sight is literally useless for spraying while scoped in. So here’s what I think about the laser sight, it’s not completely useless because it improves the hip-fire accuracy by 30% and 30% is not a small number, but do you really need to use a laser sight. Especially on assault rifles, because you could use a vertical grip or some other grips and they will reduce the recoil of the weapon, which makes it easier to control, and when it’s easier to control you can hit your shots more accurately. So basically using a normal grip will also improve your hip-fire accuracy but not in the same way as the laser sight and definitely not any better than laser sight. And for the pistols it’s a completely different case because most pistols can only equip laser sight as their attachment, So you have no other options, and laser sight works well with pistols and SMGs. And here’s a tip, you could actually carry a laser sight on the pistol and it doesn’t take up any space in your backpack if you remove the pistol’s ammo. Switch to the laser sight in close combat fights to get that slight advantage that you need sometimes to win that fight.

¬†Anyway, that’s all I got for this article, I hope you learned something new.

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