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I have been playing Pubg mobile with 5 fingers for more than 2 years now and this is my updated version of the 5 fingers claw guide/tutorial.

In this article, we will be going through the following topics.

The 1st process is customizing your 5 finger claw layout setting, and the 2nd process is how to hold your phone with 5 fingers. 3rd process is about basic settings and sensitivity settings, 4th process is about training and practicing, and lastly, some tips and tricks to learn 5 finger claws faster.

Ok let’s start with the first process, creating your 5 finger claw layout, there are many different kinds of 5 finger claws but there are two basic ones, the left-handed claw and the right-handed claw the left-handed claw is the most commonly used among all the 5 finger claw players while the right-handed one is very rare, but also it’s uncomfortable to use. And now let’s talk about the layout setting, there are so many different ones, but the most commonly used 5 finger claw layout would look similar to this.

I know most of you would just copy-paste the layout code, but the layout wouldn’t be perfect since every phone has a different size and resolution, so you’ll need to re-adjust a few in the correct placement.

However I highly encourage you to create your own layout based on your preference, it gives you a better understanding of your layout as well as confidence.

But how do you create your own layout? Well for this you can look at some of your favorite player’s controls and borrow some ideas from them and implement them into your own layout. And if you wanna take a look at more claw examples to get more ideas, then keep an eye on this site for more posts about Pubg mobile.

I have seen a lot of people put their grenade cancel button behind the scope button like this, since they both don’t work at the same time it saves some space in your layout similarly. You can place your scope’s zoom adjusting button on the loot pick-up button. and the scope adjusting button won’t activate while you looting, as it only activates when you scope in.

Anyway, now let’s talk about how to hold your phone and finger placements, so every player holds their phone in a slightly different way that is comfortable, so there is no perfect way of holding the phone, you just gotta figure out the most comfortable way to hold while having a really good grip of your device. But the most common way to hold your phone while playing 5 fingers is kinda similar to this. So I just bend my fingers in this way and place the phone in between the fingers like this, while on the other side, you just place these two fingers behind the phone like this to provide the phone a little bit of grip from behind, and place the index finger on top like this to hold the phone for a better grip, similarly on the other side, you use the middle finger. and most importantly use your pinky finger or little finger to prevent your phone from falling down by placing it below like this, this is the left-handed claw, for the right-handed, you just flip this off.

This is how I hold my phone while playing 5 finger claw, this may be similar for you.

Now let’s talk about finger placement.

There are a few things you need to be aware of, always bend your right index finger and middle finger like this, by doing this you can place your buttons close to the bezel which gives you more space as well as a better view to look at. It might be hard for your fingers in the beginning but over time it will be normal plus you get better viewing angles. And the next thing you need to be aware of is the map placement, I know most of you would leave your map at this corner like me, this may be a problem, sometimes your finger might block off the map view which will make you miss some critically important information.

I would highly recommend you to change your map position to somewhere around here. This would be the best position for the map, from here it doesn’t get blocked by any fingers and it doesn’t block any important viewing angles.

Now, let’s move on to the basic settings, there are a few things that you need to change, make sure you enable peek and fire and disable peek and open scope. There is no point in using peek and open scope on 5 fingers. for the lean mode and scope mode, I would highly suggest you use the hold option, using the tap may result in slower reflexes in my opinion, since you need to tap to activate it, and tap-again in order to deactivate it, which kind-a takes more time. The next thing is to separate jump and climb, in 5 fingers jump and climb are must-haves.

And now to the sensitivity settings, please don’t change your sensitivity, whatever sensitivity you using now is perfect for you whether you are a gyroscope player or a non-gyroscope player. Your current sensitivity that you have been using is better because you made a progress on it. If you change then you have to start everything from the beginning I wouldn’t recommend changing sensitivity settings.

So once you are done creating your layout, you can’t directly hop into classic matches and play, you’ll die instantly, so this is where you have to practice your new controls, get into the training grounds. and try pressing each and every button to memorize their locations, or just practice these following drills, 1st drill is to learn how to scope in and fire, try shooting at multiple targets, by doing this you will memorize your fire and scope buttons location. And the 2nd drill is to implement crouch into the previous drill, also known as crouch and fire, this is an extremely important skill to learn because crouching will reduce recoil which makes your sprays more stable and accurate. So whether you shooting at long range or mid-range or even in close to mid-range scenarios, crouch and fire will help you. By doing this you will memorize this crouch and fire pattern, so you will automatically implement it into your gameplay most of the time without even thinking. And practice as long as your press all 3 buttons almost at the same time.

Similarly, you also need to practice an uncrouching-and-fire example like this, this is one of the most common things that could happen in your game, especially when you’re hiding behind an object like this, or when shooting from a window like this. The next drill is peeking and fire, find any random object and a random or fixed target like this and start peeking and firing from both sides, and when doing this you need to make sure that you’re not peeking too much which exposes your body, so do the right amount of peeking. You can also utilize crouch into this drill when firing at close to mid-range distance and the next drill is jump and fire, this is one of the best ways to practice jump and fire, make sure you fire at your head level, you can check that by measuring it by your character’s height like this. and start doing jump shot to the example of every single target like this.

Moving on to the next drill which is weapon switch, sometimes switching weapons immediately can be difficult so that’s why practicing this would help you, the concept of this drill is, shoot at a random target for a certain time and switch to your another gun and keep repeating this process until you can freely switch your guns without any misclicks and lastly the hip-fire practice, enable only the 1st target and 50% movement and start hip-firing while doing random movements or jiggling left and right like this.

Anyway, if you want more training comment below I will write more article about this topic. That’s all I got for this article, I hope you learned something new. See you guys in the next one.

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