Red dot vs Holographic sight in Pubg mobile

Well, today we will be comparing and analyzing red dot vs holographic sight in Pubg mobile and I hope it gives you a better understanding of which one is better for you.

A few months ago I asked which scope would you prefer, and most of them choose red-dot over the holo sight, which makes us question why red-dot is so popular?

Well, I think the main reason would be the smaller or thinner frame size on the red dot which increases you’re visibility and gives you a better view to look out for the enemies. While on the holographic sight you would miss out on some details due to the thicker frame of holo sight which makes you miss out on some important information that could get you in trouble. Since you use both of these scopes only during close combat, you will be missing out on some critically important information because your scope was in the way, which kinda gives red-dot a huge favor.

Also if you play FPP mode, holo sight has another disadvantage that you would obviously notice here, when holding a gun with holo sight equipped it will lower your visibility since the scope is too big and will block your view.

This gives us another reason to not use the holographic sight. but there is a huge discussion that says Holographic sight has less recoil, or when using the holographic sight on high recoil weapons such as AKM and Beryl, it will make you feel like it has less recoil and is easy to control.

This is a myth and lets me bust it out for you well there is only one possible explanation for that, the way they are designed, the red dot has a tiny dot in the middle while the holo sight has a bigger circle. When you shoot, your gun bounces and shakes during that time if you look deeper into the holo’s crosshair looks more stable, while the red dot seems jumpier and less stable this is easier to see when overlaying the two sights during a spray and reducing the speed of the video. The smaller Radical of the red-dot feels like it shakes more as compared to the holo’s radical. So this might be the reason why most people find holographic sight easier to control even tho the recoil is literally the same between both. You could try changing your red dot’s crosshair style in settings. But nothing comes as close to the size of holo’s crosshair.

By the way, both the scopes will open up identically at the same speed. So it all comes down to you, do you think is it worth sacrificing the better visibility and clear look and smaller crosshair of the red-dot to the holographic sight that feels like it has less recoil and is easier to control.

Here is my opinion about this, I would recommend using red-dot because the holo sight’s thick frame will hide almost all the important information when the scope is in the way of it. But if you wanna use holo sight because it feels like it has less recoil and is easy to control it’s sprayed and boosts your overall confidence. Well nobody is stopping you, you have to decide depending on your preference and situation if you think using the holo sight on high recoil weapons will make it easier for you to control it, then it’s a good thing so I hope you have a better understanding on which scope you want to use.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this video, I hope you learned something new if you did keep an eye on this blog for more articles like this.

See you guys in the next one. Till then take care and goodbye.

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